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In a competitive workforce, a person wants to have the edge over someone else.  You want to prove that you are a better and more qualified individual for the job than the next person in line.  When you enroll in an automotive school, you are doing just that.  While some people start off as apprentices out of high school learning mechanics, they quickly learn that they will need to have the latest skills and technology in order to stay sought after.  With increasing technology, there is substantial growth in the auto mechanic industry.  There is a projected increase of about 15% by the year 2018 which makes this a lucrative career to have.  By enrolling in an automotive school, you  Read more

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Automotive schools offer both certificates and associates automotive degrees to make you a more viable candidate for a job.  When you obtain either a certificate or associates degree, you will learn more than just auto mechanics.  These degrees give you the chance to learn auto engine mechanics, mathematics, physics, mechanical drawing, customer service, and ethics classes.  With this myriad of classes, you will become a better and more qualified candidate for a job in the automotive industry.  With a automotive technology degree from an in your possession, you are now a much better-rounded individual who will be very appealing to those hiring in the automotive field. This certificate or associates degree can increase your chances of getting hired.  A certificate will get you hands-on training for in demand careers such as the automotive industry.  An associate’s degree in automotive technology will not only get you the hands-on training you will need but also will place you in a supportive learning environment where well-qualified instructors will teach you the ins and outs of the automotive industry.  An associate’s degree does take more time than obtaining a certificate.  An associate’s program is usually a two year program; however, you will learn information that you would not find anywhere else.  This information will help you in your training and in your future and open doors to things like an automotive technician degree.  You will have many more options available to you when you receive an associate’s degree from an accredited auto school.  These degrees will also open many more doors for you and give you many options over a long career.  Many of those who receive an associate’s degree decide later on to return to auto school and receive their bachelor’s degree in mechanic engineering.   There are so many more alternatives when you receive an auto degree.  With technology changing all the time, and problems with technology cropping up, there is a definite need for well-qualified and trained auto technicians.  It is vital to learn these changing and complicated computer systems that help car engines run.  Automotive schools offer different programs for individuals who want to enhance their careers and graduate with an associate’s degree in auto engineering.